Team Registration for US and Canada Teams is now closed.

Event registration is still open for regions using this system for event activities

Welcome to FIRST® LEGO® League’s Nature's Fury season!

Nature's Fury

Important Registration Information

Please take the time to read the Important Registration Information.

This information will assist you with registration, ordering, and the event processes.


Registration will close when all slots are filled. This usually happens sometime after mid-September. Please note that FLL Materials (Robot Set and Field Setup Kit) must be ordered by this deadline, but are subject to product availability.


FLL team registration does not include participation in an event. The tournament application process varies by event and event participation fees will be set by and paid directly to the event organizer. Please see the Event Application section to learn more.


All teams must complete the team registration process online and obtain a team number and invoice number before we will be able to process a PO or a check. Be sure to include the invoice number and team numbers with the faxed or mailed PO or the mailed check.